A new study prepared by the Salamanca City Council and the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) has discovered how different 'Workshops of memory online 'for older people helps improve their well-being and reverse cognitive decline.

As we age, the body faces what is known as cognitive impairment, affecting memory and increasing the risk of developing different dementias.

Thus, in recent years science has been working to find methods, habits and activities that stimulate memory and help to stop the aforementioned cognitive deterioration. Among the beneficial factors is the consumption of certain foods and physical activity.

Although, a new study assures that the ‘Online memory workshops’ also offer benefits in the elderly, helping to reverse cognitive deterioration.

Workshops to improve memory

This project led by the Salamanca City Council and the UPSA was launched during the first months of the Covid pandemic – 19. The objective of this study was to show empirically the interventions based on a memory stimulation program to avoid everyday forgetfulness and improve the well-being of the elderly.

Taller de memoria persona mayores
Online memory workshop

These online memory workshops were held for 58 people during 2021. Specifically, those responsible for the project observed the understanding of memory systems, neuroprotection and a third block regarding the amnesic processing phases and how to avoid everyday forgetfulness.

The researchers have presented in this beginning of 2022 the results obtained after attending a total of 79 older people until November 2021. Specifically, this research has been based on the importance of subjective complaints from older people and the approach from the social health point of view in the deterioration process related to pathological aging.

Benefits for cognitive function

Of the 79 people attended during the duration of the project, a total of 29 have been women and 29 men, aged between 60 and 89 years. First, the researchers carried out a series of tests in person and online, and then contacted family members.

Contact with family members is an important novelty of the protocol, added to the assessment of objective performance of memory and other cognitive functions. All this process helps to obtain a greater validity of the previous study carried out.

Finally, those responsible for this project report that 58 participants are currently with a normal aging pattern ; while 11 of them should be followed up with annual preventive actions.

Only 10 participants demonstrate cognitive performance and memory lower than expected for their age and educational level. In the case of this type of person, experts recommend carrying out a complete neuropsychological evaluation and complementary tests to confirm the suspicion of MCI.

In short, those responsible for this project confirm that online memory workshops are an effective method to improve the well-being of the elderly and delay cognitive decline.