The mental health is an issue that has had a great impact in the year 2021, and thank you To this we have been able to learn much more about this type of diseases . One of the most beneficial things we can do is practice fasting , something that will really benefit the mind .

In this case, it is best that you consult a specialist about what this is about fasting and how you can do it so that your mental health is not harmed.

And there are a large number of fasts, whether of several hours or even several days. For this reason, it is best that we get the advice of a professional to guide us on our way. This can certainly be very beneficial, but it can also have side effects for mental health .

In this case, some of the contraindications to fasting may be muscle fatigue, digestive problems, hunger, feeling tired, headache, nausea and insomnia. For this reason, it is extremely important that you do not perform fasting on your own, since you can harm your body.

But if you know how you can do it benefiting your mental health, this will greatly benefit your mental health. And it is that fasting has very positive effects on our mind. Something that will help us improve many problems.

Benefits of fasting for mental health

In this case, we are going to talk about how fasting can benefit mental health. And it is that without a doubt we are going to achieve very positive effects on the brain that will have a great impact on our life in general.

  • Know ourselves : According to experts, fasting will help us to improve the reconnection with our body and get to know more about background to our body. And it is that the hours that we dedicate to fasting and to stop eating food, can be very beneficial to improve the control of our life.
  • Prevent cellular aging : It can also help prevent the aging of the cells that make up our brain. Researcher Mark Mattson, professor of neuroscience at John Hopkins University, states in his study that fasting can prevent the onset of diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's.
  • Relax body and mind: And it is undoubtedly that in order to stop eating food for a good period of time, we need to relax the mind and avoid thinking about it. Taking advantage of the energy we save from the digestive processes to improve thoughts and concentration.

Without a doubt, fasting is one of the most beneficial actions that we are going to perform if we really want to manage our mind. And we are going to make our body act consciously and begin to listen to what it really needs. Instead of what it's supposed to do.

Other benefits of fasting

In addition to all the benefits for mental health mentioned above, we must also talk about other positive effects that fasting will have on our body. Like, for example, to lose weight effectively. And there are many theories that link fasting with the acceleration of metabolism.

On the other hand, another benefit of this action is to regulate the sugar levels in our body. And is that by not having food, we are going to pull the insulin that is housed in our body to get the energy necessary for the functioning of our muscles.