The grape is one of the foods that most helps to regulate the intestinal flora of our body and intervenes in the reduction of our cholesterol .

It is undoubtedly one of the foods most recurrent when it comes to preparing our best menu . Including the grapes is always a success that affects our body .

Because grapes are part of our life and on a daily basis we can consume them in more or less quantities.

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we can distribute the amount as it suits us, but there are also ways to take it alone or between meals.


And it is that grapes, according to a study by the David Geffen School of Medicine , University of California, makes us have a strong immune system.

But not only that, because it is a food that influences the reduction of our cholesterol, because it favors the health of the blood vessels.

Our blood notices it, and it is also a great substitute for sugar , so that we can place grapes in a preferential place in our daily diet.

Grapes have polyphenols, which are antioxidants that are very good for our body.

It happens that polyphenols reduce inflammation, a factor that contributes to fighting any type of heart disease.

In the aforementioned study, the researchers analyzed other beneficial health conditions of eating these grapes.

The conclusions showed a decrease in general cholesterol levels of 6.1% and above all a decrease of 5.9% in LDL.

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