Garlic is a food very common in most of the kitchens of the world, which is liked almost everyone alike for its incredible flavor, which is why it becomes the infallible ingredient in the preparation of numerous recipes, especially Mediterranean gastronomy where the flavor and aroma of the products stand out.

It has been consumed for thousands of years, there are even ancient scientific studies that support its great medicinal advantages, among which is Louis Pasteur known as the Father of Microbiology, who showed the antibiotic effects of garlic or Hippocrates, who is the father of medicine, prescribed the garlic for a series of diseases.

Garlic is classified as a superfood , since it has interesting healing properties for the health of individuals and can be eaten raw or cooked with varying effects; It is advisable to eat raw garlic, cut or crushed, since its medicinal benefits are reinforced, while heat destroys certain compounds.

Why is it good to eat garlic?

Because they have a high nutritional value, it is estimated that in 100 gr of garlic exist 149 calories, 0 g fat, 33, 1 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of sugars, 6, 36 g protein, 17 Mg sodium, 181 Mg calcium, 1.7 Mg iron, 153 Mg phosphorus, 1,16 Zinc Mg, 31,2 Mg of Vitamin C and 1,23 Mg of Vitamin B.

The garlic are a superfood that provide great fundamental medicinal benefits for mental and physical well-being, have approximately 1200 active components, including essential oils, flavonoids, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, fructosans, a wide range of healthy vitamins and minerals.

The garlic is both a succulent seasoning and a medicinal plant that fights a large number of diseases thanks to its nutritional components, so it is advisable to incorporate it into food regimens. The intake of this superfood can produce the following benefits and healing properties.

ajo alimento bajar presion sanguineaGarlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic

The main healing property of garlic is that it is an effective antibiotic totally natural that help prevent the proliferation of bacterial infections in the body, this is thanks to its high content of allicin and diallyl sulfide that fight against bacteria that cause intestinal infections.

Garlic and cardiovascular health

Frequent consumption of this superfood promotes heart health , since it improves blood circulation, causing vasodilation, which increases the size of the blood vessels, therefore, the blood flows more easily. It is rich in Vitamin B, which helps reduce homocysteine ​​that hardens blood vessels.

Garlic and liver health

They have a high composition of vitamins A, B and C that promote liver functions through which the body eliminates toxins, so garlic is a powerful detoxifier that helps purify the body of leftover medicines, eliminate parasites, even purifies it of heavy metals such as the Mercury.

Garlic and stomach health

The regular consumption of garlic in raw form promotes the gastrointestinal mucosa, by Therefore, the 201200digestive process improves remarkably, since it favors gastric acids, increases digestive secretions and bile, causing food to be digested and absorbed properly.

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant

It is a superfood with wide activity antioxidant , which prevents and combats the cellular oxidation process, reducing the damaging effects of free radicals, this is thanks to its allicin and cysteine ​​that contribute to the maintenance of the organism in excellent health conditions.

Garlic lowers cholesterol

Frequent intake of garlic contributes to the reduction of LDL levels , known as bad cholesterol, its allicin compound regulates and considerably lowers cholesterol, which can clog arteries causing serious medical complications.

Garlic strengthens the immune system

The fact of including this superfood in the daily diet, preferably in raw form, increases the body's immunity, fortifying the defenses, since they are antiviral that allows fight viruses such as the common cold, flu, lung conditions, since they are also decongestants, they can be used for sinusitis and cough.

Garlic is antihypertensive

One of the great properties of garlic is that it can help reduce blood pressure, its nitric acid content produces a vasodilator effect that promotes blood flow. It is a complementary option to medical treatment, the opinion of the health specialist should always be taken into account.