So, many newcomers to online sports betting make fundamental errors which primarily either squeeze their profits or fatten their losses. These should be avoided and we will discuss the same here. Many punters are simply trying their luck for a few pounds or dollars and are not overly worried whether they win or not. This is the general tendency of many beginners to the world of online sports betting.

However, there is surely no harm in learning a few simple safeguards which could make a difference to winning and losing and profits and losses. More experience bettors should be applying these basic principles as a matter of course.

To get you started, here are ten basic tips to avoid lining the bookmaker’s pockets unnecessarily and hopefully these guide may help in earning more and avoid paving the path of losses.

The first and foremost thing to note here is not to place competing bets on any one event. If this is done, it means you will be betting against yourself. For example, betting on two horses in one race, or two wide receivers to catch the first touchdown, means that only one can possibly win and you are guaranteeing a loss.

The second factor to note is to avoid long-odds glamor bets, which are unlikely to come off. It is a must, of course. For example, a correct score and first goal scorer double bet is highly unlikely to be successful and prices offered will be significantly smaller than the probability of a positive outcome.

The third point to follow is to avoid taking the first price you come across at your regular bookmakers. It is important to shop around. There are many bookmakers on the internet which offer wildly contrasting odds on sporting events. There are healthy profits to be made by choosing the right odds at the right time. Use an odds comparison website to check which bookie is offering the best price on the event you wish to bet on.

The fourth and very important factor to note here is to avoid getting tempted to bet on the club or sportsman you support, simply out of allegiance to it or them. This is a sure way to leak cash. Do your research coldly and if you can’t put aside your allegiance, move on to another event, there’s no shortage of sporting events to bet on!

Do note here that following betting trends unless you have good reason to can turn up unfavorable. Many newcomers to racing specifically, jump on the bandwagon of backing a horse when they see its price drastically shorten. It is shortening probably owing to an unfounded rumor and other punters thinking they should get on the bandwagon too. Don’t do it – you’ll just be grabbing a price that’s worse than the price you could have had earlier in the day! Let it go and smile smugly in the knowledge that you’re not as foolish as other punters who follow the herd!

An emotional bettor is a bad bettor. This is very true and one should always avoid betting under emotion or influence. If you have just taken a big loss or are suffering emotionally, turn your attention to something else, research maybe. Like any good poker player will tell you, playing on tilt, can be disastrous! This requires real discipline. It’s in the nature of some punters to try to recoup what they have just lost with more and more outlandish bets. This is a road to ruin and can destroy the profits you’ve worked tireless for, for weeks or even months. If there is one rule only you should ever choose to follow, make it this one!

Don’t bet on a sport you don’t understand. This is a genuine suggestion in all the fields. It is always advised to do what one knows. It may seem obvious, but many people are enticed by some sporting event that looks glamorous and exciting and have no idea if the betting odds reflect the true probability of what they are betting on.

Website Malaysia Sports Betting writes, if you are not happy with any of the prices being offered by bookmakers, don’t go ahead and bet anyway. Try asking for the price you want on a betting exchange where you can compete with other everyday people. Often these amateur bookies will give you the best price and will offer much higher prices to spread their risk over the event. For example, an amateur bookie, might have taken bets on all the correct scores on a soccer match, except 3-2 to the home team. He will want to spread his risk and take bets on that score, but maybe nobody is taking his offer. This is a great opportunity for you to audaciously ask for an even higher price and you will probably get it!

Don’t rely on fractional odds provided by default by many bookmakers. This should be always avoided. Experienced gamblers understand, but the beginners need to know it seriously. These are confusing and extremely difficult to compare and contrast for newbies. For example comparing 11/4 and 7/2 is more complicated that comparing 3.75 and 4.5. It’s easy to see which is better or worse with decimal odds.

Avoid betting on live televised in play events unless you really know what you are doing. There are a lot of sharks out there trying to gain an advantage from the time delay. Odds setters may have an advantage in terms of the time delay in the broadcast of a sports event and punters may have a distinct disadvantage in predicting the outcome. It’s possible that the person offering the odds has a live contact at the event and you are watching a slightly delayed broadcast.

So remember, basics before betting, probability before price. This way you will have a good platform to improve your betting and boost your profits. The tips are all generic and cannot be considered as correct all the time. This is the reason it is advised to go slow as a beginner.