TV and movies are now essential to many people’s lives, especially young people. With modern streaming services, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to rely on a set time or TV channel.

This article will discuss the top 12 Free Live TV Streaming Sites that allow you to live TV online for free. These sites will allow you to access TV online from any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) as long as you have an Internet connection.

1. USTV Now

This is the most popular American live TV streaming website. You can stream American and other English channels as well as record to save your favorite shows for later.

You can choose from three plans on the site. One of these is free and allows you to access 6 channels. You can upgrade later if you are satisfied with the plan or you can stay on the free plan.

2. TVCatchup

This website is exclusive to the UK. Although it is simple and allows access to 5 websites, the quality of this website is exceptional.

It also displays a complete listing of the times and schedules for all channels it supports. It also has an app that allows users to access it from their smartphones and view their favorite live shows.


This website is amazing and you can view movies, webseries, TV shows as well as serials, documentaries and news.

This website has a downside: It can only be used in the USA, South America and Canada.

Internet users from other countries can also use the site to watch movies and various types of recorded documentaries.

Android and iOS users have the option to download and watch movies for free.


You can find channels from all around the globe on this great website. Just go to the website, select the type of entertainment you want, such as music, children, reality, sports, and so on.

The entire list will appear in your hands within seconds. It’s a unique, attractive design that is easy to use.


This one is for sports fans. You don’t have to be worried if your job doesn’t allow you to sit down in your TV lounge and enjoy your favorite sports .

This website has everything you need. You can now watch all sports, including cricket, soccer, football, boxing and boxing. You can watch any sport from anywhere you are on the planet, via your smartphone or laptop.


One of the most popular free IPTV sites, USTVGO, allows you to stream live channels free of charge with just a stable internet connection. To protect your data and information from hackers though, a VPN is necessary.

The most distinctive feature of USTV GO is its one-click simplicity. You can easily navigate the content without having to fight ads-just click on the channel you want and it will play immediately. You’re only one click away from live action, so the website is easy to use as soon as you visit the homepage.

7. Sling TV

Sling is a paid service, but it allows a free week trial. This technically makes it free (sort of). It is a wonderful site that is used by most users around the globe.

Subscribe to Sling to view your favorite TV shows online, even if you don’t have the time.

It is easy to subscribe once to the service and you can access it at any time to view live TV programs. It is easy to access live TV streaming. People can simply mark it as their favorite and use it whenever they want.

8. Freeetv.Com

Freee TV, as the name implies, is a website with more than 1000 channels from all over the globe.

People who live in America, India, Pakistan or Europe can find channels that they like from any of these countries. They can also watch their favorite news and sports programs.

You can find more affordable and the best video services to enjoy your favorite TV-shows or movies wherever and whenever you like.

9. BBC iPlayer

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), created this website primarily to allow people to watch live BBC News of any kind anytime.

People can also view TV shows and other programs on BBC 1, 2, 3, etc. Users can create their own profiles and save their shows for later viewing.

10. TVPlayer

It is also one the best live TV streaming sites that can be used by anyone from any region. This website offers free access to more than 100 TV channels.

You can purchase a subscription to be a permanent member, but this is not necessary. You can also use the website to watch the TV shows you want.

11. Streema

Streema is another powerful website for live TV viewing from around the world.

It is the home of the largest collection of live TV channels worldwide, which are organized by country, city, language, and genre.

This site has a different design than all others. For each channel, a pop-up will open and you can watch the TV there. This site allows you to view live TV without paying anything.

12. Hamari Web

This is one the most popular live streaming sites in Pakistan that contains nearly all of the Pakistani TV channels.

You can find everything you want, from drama serials to morning programs, news to sports and cooking shows to reality TV shows.

The website also has many other sections where you will find articles, quizzes and other great stuff.

Users can easily view any content on their computer or laptop from the comfort of their home. Users usually only have one problem when watching someone online, and that is how to download them.