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Heading out for a delicious meal is one of the greatest joys if you’re a foodie. However, there is hope if you want to make those delicious restaurant meals at home. We chatted with a few chefs who shared all of the online cooking games, techniques and tactics they use in the restaurant kitchens so you may do the same. Even if you’re a great cook, home-cooked meals don’t always seem as delicious as restaurant meals. Of course, a commercial kitchen has various cookware and electronics that the normal person does not, but it’s not only about the equipment.

The best use of Pasta water: 

If you’ve ever thought about why pasta at some of the top Italian restaurants always appears to be more indulgent than spaghetti you prepare at home, the solution is simple: pasta water. While cooking pasta, some of the starch stays back in the water after you strain it. Most restaurants finish their noodles by pouring in a tiny glassful of starchy pasta water, which aids to fill the gap between the pasta and the sauce.

The best Pasta trick ever: 

You should end up cooking your pasta immediately in the sauce to produce the tastiest, restaurant-style spaghetti. This method enables the noodles to soak even more flavor, resulting in a dish that comes out as one rather than a collection of disparate elements. One of the many tactics you’ve been preparing your pasta incorrectly is not cooking it immediately in the sauce.

Stop that dancing chopping board: 

Placing a wet towel beneath the chopping board is a restaurant-style method for home cooks, just like warming butter with a roller is for novice bakers. Wet a paper or cloth napkin and arrange it carefully under the cutting board after ringing it out so it is less wet. This will prevent any possible slipping around when preparing your vegetables.

Use Cast-Iron Utensils: 

For the bulk of the cooking, many professional chefs rely significantly on non-stick pans. However, a decent cast-iron pan can be utilized for a variety of dishes. Are you interested to know how to cook a delicious steak on the stove? It’s made of cast iron. The solid metal is nearly impervious to harm and gives your supper favorites a wonderful even finish. 

Taste what you cook: 

Many cooks, particularly experts, overlook the importance of tasting their meal as they prepare it. And how? It’s the most enjoyable part. Savoring the ingredients as they heat is a certain technique to season with intention and produce the most mouth-watering meals. One of the tricks that all restaurants know is to season heavily.

Pre-heat the Pan: 

Have you ever cooked something and part of it got caught in the pan? The reason behind it is that you’re not allowing the pan to heat up sufficiently before adding your components. One of the negative cooking practices you need to break right now is not allowing your pans to heat up for 5 to 10 minutes preceding cooking.

Leftover bones can be used: 

Don’t throw away the leftovers the next time you pick chicken to cook. Here’s a kitchen tip your grandparents might have taught you: Bones are a terrific method to add flavor to your soup. Simply wash the bones and cook with water and any other ingredients you choose. Allow for a minimum of 12 hours of simmering time, or until the bones begin to crumble. The solution can then be strained and saved for up to 10 days.

Preserve the herb stems: 

While many items must never be frozen, herb stems are an odd candidate that can be stored in the freezer. Save the stems from your fresh herbs rather than throwing them away after you’ve chopped them up. These stems can be used while preparing soups. There are plenty of techniques and secrets held by restaurant professionals that you can use to make restaurant-style food at home. However, online cooking games can teach you all these secrets. These games are very interesting and you can learn several restaurant management games along with preparing new recipes.