ITIL stands for The Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a framework that allows certified individuals to get themselves placed in the position of management, consulting, and other related services in various information technology firms. By other services here we mean any service that involves various information technology frameworks to add value to a particular company. ITIL certification adds a lot of value to your profile making you stand out among all the other candidates. ITIL curriculum has five certifications that begin with a foundation certification. ITIL master certification is the highest level of certification offered by ITIL.

ITIL has evolved with time and has now become an institution that manages the delivery of various IT-related services. The ITIL framework provides companies with a particular aim and discipline that is required in order to develop and enhance the services delivered by them.  ITIL has developed a standard for various IT services. ITIL solves problems like poor management and discipline-related problems in various businesses. In this article, we will be looking at various certifications offered by the item and understanding their importance.

  • ITIL foundation certification

Covering the basics of ITIL, this foundation certification offers the start needed by various IT enthusiasts. This certification helps candidates to understand the ITIL framework and learn the very basics of it. This certification does not require any special ITIL certification training nor does it have any requirements. Anyone who is interested in learning more about its frameworks or wants to change his or her career path can appear for this certification. The ITIL Foundation course could be a good choice for anybody who is interested in understanding the basics of ITIL frameworks.

  •  ITIL Practitioner Certification

This examination came into existence as recently as 2016. Any candidate who is willing to appear for this certification must have an interest in attaining a lot of practical knowledge about the subject. Also, candidates must be aware of techniques and methodologies used in applying this practical knowledge for solving various solutions. An individual who is a certified ITIL practitioner can examine the various businesses and help them to achieve their objectives by deploying idle frameworks. Once anybody has successfully cleared the ITIL practitioner examination they can prepare themselves for upcoming advanced level ITIL examinations.

  •  ITIL Intermediate Certification

Being a module-based certification candidates willing to appear for this certification must be well aware of various aspects of IT service management. These modules are divided into 2 subcategories which are the service lifecycle module and the service capability module. You are required to complete the training course which is offered by an accredited training organization. The ITIL intermediate examination gives you more in-depth knowledge of the ITIL framework that will help you to attain practical applications of ITIL frameworks after you clear other examinations. Hence it is a foundation for advanced ITIL certifications.

  • ITIL expert Certification

As the name suggests after attaining the certification the candidate becomes very well versed in various ITIL frameworks. Having an in-depth and very wide course is the reason why ITIL expert certification is a prerequisite for ITIL master certification. You are required to obtain a minimum of 17 credits from all the other courses of ITIL like the practitioner course and foundation course. You are also required to clear the managing across lifecycle (MAL) exam by attaining at least 22 credits. ITIL expert certification is the second most valued certification offered by the ITIL post and you only need to clear the ITIL master certification.

  •  ITIL master certification

It is the highest level of certification offered by ITIL as this helps candidates to develop a thought process that will help them to deploy the ITIL framework for real-life problems. ITIL master certification costs about $4000 and hence is one of the most expensive exams out there. Given its cost, the people appearing for the examination are all serious participants hence one needs to prepare really well to clear the ITIL master certification. Once you have successfully received ITIL expert certification and have gathered a minimum of five years of experience in deploying ITIL frameworks in any leadership role, you can appear for ITIL master certification.


After going through all the ITIL certifications we get to the conclusion that every ITIL certification level has its own importance and needs to be dealt with focus and determination.  Once you have successfully completed all the ITIL certifications you will be qualified in deploying ITIL frameworks for solving real-life solutions. These ITIL certifications can transform your career and give you immense knowledge about ITIL frameworks and other industry-related issues.