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Andrew Tate is also known by the United States as Top G, Cobra Tate and King Cobra. Andrew Tate and his brother can make a lot of money sitting down and relaxing. It may seem impossible.

According to sources, Tate’s brother has admitted that the business is a scam. Tate’s brother makes money selling fake stories about models. Let’s take a look at

How operates?

Topgcobratate is restricted in access Topgcobratate doesn’t show any content, but redirects users directly to contains a video in which Andrew tells viewers that he has an easy way to make money.

The video invites viewers to sign up for Hustler’s University 2.0 program. This community of millionaires helps people earn around $2,500 in two weeks. They deal with stocks, finances, e-commerce, Etc.

Andrew is well-known for his website Topgcobratate, which is a mixture of several names. Topgcobratate pages cannot be accessed so the terms, privacy and customer service email were not visible. :

Andrew is a social media celebrity and a well-known multimillionaire. He was a kickboxer. Later, he was criticised for his bad behavior towards his girlfriend on the Big Brother 17 program. Andrew replied that he was filming a video with his girlfriend. Andrew was expelled from Twitter because of his comments about women, depression and physical torture.

After receiving information about a woman being held hostage, police raided Andrew’s house. Andrew’s house was raided by police.

Tate’s brother runs a webcam business in which models work for them and take $4/minute fake calls. We will now examine According to sources, models tell fake stories about suffering that make viewers cry, get emotional and then donate large sums of money. One viewer donated PS20K. We are not responsible for any of the details. Features:

It is evident that was chosen because of the enormous popularity of Cobra Tate. was first registered in Canada on 16-July-2022 and will remain active for one year, ending 16-June-2023. It has a very short life expectancy and is only three days old.

Contact Privacy Inc. has censored the identity and contact information for the owner. It is unclear if Andrew is related to the website. has a secure HTTPS connection and a valid SSL certificate that will be active for the next 87-days. is hosted on two servers in the USA.

Conclusion: has a bad Trust Score of 1%, a Zero Alexa ranking and a lower-than-average Business Ranking at 38.4%. was rated 48% for threat and phishing profiles and 17% for suspicion and spam profiles . There are no reviews available for due to its recent launch. should not be recommended.

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