Did you know that Tracey Doyle died in Canada. Did you attend her last Visitation ceremony? As a tribute to the death of Tracey Doyle, Celebration of Tracey Doyle Life was created. You would like to learn all about the Celebration of Life ceremony

We are going to give you all the information and details about Tracey & Doyle Obituary.

Visitation Ceremony:

The visitation ceremony took place on Monday 13 June 2022 between 5:00PM – 8:00PM ADT at the 370 Reserve Street in Glace Bay (Nova Scotia-B1A4X2, Canada).

Obituary Tracey Doyle:

TJ Tracey Cremation and Burial Specialists will be handling the Celebration of Life and Visitation ceremonies. Its webpage www.tjtracey.com/tribute/details/1894/Tracey-King-Doyle/obituary.html is online to express your condolence to Tracey’s family.

TJ Tracey has also brought www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/25055677/tracey-Lynn-king-Doyle for the same purpose. We hope Tracey’s friends and family can visit these sites to show their sympathy.

Celebration of Life after Tracey Doody Obituary :

Today’s Celebration of Life will take place at 370 Reserve Street in Glace Bay (Nova Scotia-B1A4X2), between 11:00AM & 11:30AM ADT. To receive text directions or more information, call +1 (902)849-4199.

Reception details:

Following the Celebration of Life ceremony, there was a reception at 195 Main St Reserve Mines, N.S. B1E 1E7. The reception facility can be reached at +1 (902)849-4309.

Tracey Doyle:

Tracey Doyle was the daughter of Donna Rogers King and Darrell King, both from Reserve Mines in NS. Tracey Obituary was a heartbreaking. Her full name was Tracey Doyle King. After marrying Justin Doyle, she changed her last name from Tracey Doyle King to Tracey Lynn Doyle. Six years had passed since her marriage with Justin Doyle.

Tracey Doody career:

Tracey Doyle began her studies and worked at Tim Hortons in Reserve Mines. Later, she worked as a CCA and in call centers. Tracey was unable to work due to an injury, but she loved spending time with her family.

Tracey Dodson family and friends:

You are aware that Tracey Doyle Obituary was completed yesterday. Tracey Doyle is survived her parents, Darrell King and Donna Rogers King. Her younger sister Vicki Ken Romard is her brother. Ryan has nephews Logan, Scott, and Harrison. Kali, Isabella and Gabriella are her nieces. Molly and Scooby, Harley and Harley are her children.


Tracey was a charming character and personality. She made everyone smile with her jokes and sarcastic comments. She and her smile were the center of attention at every party she attended. Tracey died suddenly at Cape Breton Regional Hospital on June 6, 2022. During Tracey’s Obituary her family and friends thanked EHS, the Emergency room staff, Dr. Osborne and Dr. MacDonald.