Triglycerides: this is the drink that will help you reduce the levels

The triglycerides are the main components of body fat and are found in the blood and allow the transfer of fat and sugar in the blood from the liver. They can be saturated and unsaturated, but the truth is that a large number of them, regardless of how they are divided, can cause serious health problems. With this in mind, we will teach you how to prepare an exquisite natural juice that will help you avoid risks.

To lower the triglyceride level , we recommend that you start the day with a rich breakfast with delicious fruits , an infusion and a dose of a delicious natural juice.

The ingredients of this drink can be found in any greengrocer or supermarket, so there is no excuse for not making it other than a very simple and direct recipe. Only with orange, pineapple and oats can a transcendental juice be made for the health of the person

The effects of natural juice on the body

This natural juice not only affects triglyceride levels, but also helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. The reason for this is that pineapple, orange and oats are rich in fiber, which is good for your health.

The ingredients to make the natural juice are: half a pineapple, two oranges, half a cup of oatmeal and a cup of water.

The first thing we need to make this drink that will help lower triglyceride levels is to use the fruit in its entirety without wasting anything since we would lose fiber. After peeling the orange, the seeds should be patiently removed with the help of a knife.

Once we have finished preparing the citrus fruits, it is necessary to cut the pineapple into cubes to blend it together with the orange. To do this, we have to add oats and water and process everything until we have a natural juice that improves health by lowering triglyceride levels. The bottom line is not to put pressure on the supplement, as this is how we lose fiber.

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