The new technologies in hearing aids will make you feel as comfortable as possible and, above all, will help you treat your hearing impairment.

That is the most important thing, without a doubt, when we get older and we lose certain abilities, such as listening. But we can put remedy.

That's what the headphones are for, which are nothing more than small speakers worn on the head for communication purposes. Because there is nothing better than being able to recover the sounds from before that gave you life.

Types of hearing aids

We give you more reasons to buy the hearing aids that best suit you, and above all meet all your hearing needs.

Most hearing aids, as noted by Mayo Clinic, they are digital, so they allow the transmission of sounds from the environment of your ear to make them louder. You only need a traditional battery or a rechargeable battery, with which you can collect everything that sounds around you.

There are several types of hearing aids that are usually the most sold by orthopedic specialists, who treat your disability in the best way.

  • On the one hand we find the hearing aid that is completely in the canal (CIC) or mini CIC, that is, it fits in your ear canal.
  • Although on the one hand it improves hearing loss from a mild to moderate level in adults.
  • Then there is the hearing aid in the canal (ITC), custom molded and a perfect fit.
  • It is somewhat less visible than other larger models, and has other types of functions.
  • Finally we find the in-ear type hearing aid (ITE), which is manufactured with a bowl-shaped side on one side, and then only with the lower part.
  • This tries to recover hearing from a mild to severe level and has directional microphones.

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