Read this article to learn more about the reasons for Ukraine Russia What is the reason behind it is attacking and the possible future.

Do you know the cause for the war between Russia and Ukraine? Do you know what’s transpired in the two weeks after the conflict began among Russia as well as Ukraine? If not you should read on for the details.

A question being asked currently by people around the world Is Ukraine Russia Why Attacking. It has going on for the past four weeks with any interruption. This has led to the question of how it will come to an end. Therefore, let’s examine the issue in depth to find out the answer.

Current News regarding the Russia-Ukraine War

There is an obscene cult of missiles and bombs across Ukraine that has resulted in the displacement of more than 3 million people from Ukraine into other European countries according to UNHRC. This is the biggest refugees’ crisis since the second world war.

There have been a number of civilians killed. According to news accounts, Russian troops bombed pool and theatres in the south provincial of Mariupol. The area is said to be a refugee camp including children and women.

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine? Ukraine?

The Russian attack began in February 2022, but the origins of the war go in the conflict in the late 1990s in the late 1990s between NATO as well as Russia regarding the expanding of NATO to Eastern Europe.

The tensions grew more intense in 2008 when Ukraine making an application for NATO membership, something Russia was deemed to be a red line. But, following the presidential election of 2010 and the election of the president, the desire to join NATO decreased, however, since 2013 the demand for membership has increased and as a result, Russia annexed Crimea; Russia further warned of serious consequences of joining NATO. In 2022, Russia finally declared an invasion of Ukraine.

But, this is not a valid answer to the question of why Russia Invading the Ukraine since The Ukraine has the status of a sovereign country and is able to make its own decisions.

What is the Course of War Till Now

Since the war began since the war began, a number of Ukrainian city have been struck by Russian bombs, missiles, and rockets. According to the Russians cities such as Mariupol, Kherson are reported to have been taken. Some cities like Kharkiv and Sumy were ravaged by the conflict. Kyiv, the capital city of Kyiv is also under attack.

There are reports that Russians are also said to be affected. There have been sanctions imposed against the Russian Oligarchs and banks. The US has banned imports from Russian gasoline and oil. As reported by western media, Russian military have been reported to have suffered injuries. Also, is it worth asking questions about Ukraine Russia for attacking.

What’s Next?

The war has led to ruining Ukraine and a significant loss for Ukrainians as well as also been significant economic impacts on Russia as well as the rest of the world.

Given this the fact that there has been some efforts by world leaders to end the conflict, which has led to four talks with Russia as well as Ukraine. But, the meetings came not a success. Russia has stated that it will not stop until it has achieved its aim. Furthermore, Ukraine has affirmed not to be a member of NATO.


Answering the inquiry Ukraine Russia why it is attacking might not be an exact one as we’re not quite sure of what Russia is looking for and needs, however, there has to be some kind of consensus between the two countries to put an end to the conflict among them.

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