Online stores are not just simple websites. They are much more complicated in everything, despite the widespread contrary opinion. But many people think so simply because they do not know the fundamental differences between an online store and a simple website. To begin with, an online store is a website where you can buy goods over the Internet. With the help of such a site, users can place an order online and make a purchase without leaving home. And this is already a noticeable difference in functionality. Because even if it looks simple on the outside, it’s too complicated on the inside.

E-store stability importance

The website owner or webmaster must ensure the stability of the online store. Otherwise, all the efforts that the webmaster makes to promote the website in the rankings of search and advertising systems will be in vain. After all, if the website is unstable, users and potential buyers will not be able to access the services normally. This means they will not be able to buy your goods or order your services normally. And this, obviously, will lead to potential losses and lost profits.

For the above reasons, it is critically important that the webmaster ensures the stable operation of the online store’s website. To do this, you need, of course, a stable server or high-quality hosting. As well as correctly working scripts of the website itself and software hosted on the server. Without all of the above, an online store simply will not be able to provide customers and potential buyers with full access to functionality.

Website monitoring for e-store

As already mentioned, the main task of any webmaster responsible for an online store is to ensure its stable operation. Or, in other words, to control and maintain it. In general, website monitoring is a complex set of diagnostic measures. According to the diagnostic results, everything should work as best as possible. And the webmaster himself spends a huge amount of time and effort monitoring sites. Therefore, the most optimal approach to website monitoring is automation.

Such advanced services as, which have proven itself as a reliable assistant, are ideal for this. Using this service, you can regularly check your websites with the most convenient and practical monitoring interval. Moreover, this service uses more than 150 access points distributed around the world to check availability from different countries. This way you can find out not only when the site stopped working, but also why.

This website monitoring service provides webmasters with a full range of checks and tests that may be required to monitor website performance for a small subscription fee. And if you doubt its use, you can read reviews about HostTracker or even try its functions manually at yourself. On top of the latter, it also has a fully functional 30-day free trial to try everything. In addition, you will have access to its instant notification system, which will make the monitoring procedures of your website fully automated.

Moreover, HostTracker automatic monitoring system will help you cope with controlling Google Ads campaigns in case of emergencies. It is enough to set up the Google Ads subscription management service. Then the system will automatically pause advertising campaigns as soon as the website has problems. And then restore campaigns when the webmaster solves all problems.

Potential losses avoidable with proper website monitoring

For online store websites, working hours are proportional to their income. Speaking in general terms, 1 hour of downtime per day means the loss of 1/6 of the website audience, that is, literally potential customers. Because even loyal website users will eventually go to a competitor’s site if they can’t get the services they need from your site as quickly as they would like. If people can’t do something quickly, they will always look for another way to do it. From this we can conclude that 1 hour of downtime is equal to the loss of 1/6 of the potential profit.

In addition, some site parameters, such as database stability, can greatly affect the user experience. Other factors, such as the loading speed of a web page, play a role in the ranking of a site by search engines or advertising services.

The latter is one of the most important factors for website owners. Because search and advertising ratings are key factors in promoting a website and increasing the number of users. If the site is not displayed in search results and ads, the number of visitors and potential customers will not increase. And this can lead to a decrease in potential profits. And, perhaps, even financial losses. No business owner will be happy with such situations. And therefore, they will need to be prevented in any way.

Useful tools for e-store website owners and webmasters

One of the most important tools for every e-store webmaster to us is Google toolkit – Search Console, Analytics and PageSpeed Insights. And there are several reasons for it. First is its SEO capabilities, important to improve search rankings. Second is that those services literally state where and how to improve website performance for better promotion. Console and Analytics literally show bottlenecks and troublesome issues with websites that webmasters must fix. Third reason is that those services can help with basic website monitoring routines related to various website promotion aspects.

Another important tool for e-store webmasters is Screaming Frog. It is a simple yet useful service to work with website content and page code. It can help with finding out a lot of issues from response code errors and oversized images to missing page headers and meta descriptions. It will be helpful when paired with website monitoring services and will help webmasters to deal with a lot of troubles that are easy to miss.

Of course, it’s almost vital to use Ahrefs to withstand competition with other e-stores from your niche. This service can provide you with the most detailed link results. By simply using a competitor’s website’s link, you will be able to find out how they were able to promote their website through ranks. And if you combine Ahrefs capabilities with Majestic toolkit, you will be able to do a lot more link analytics. Webmaster will be able to even find “bad neighborhood” links in your e-store’s link pool and a lot more.