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This is a new era in gaming and technology. Which is your favorite? Are Vampires appealing to you? Are you a fan of vampire shows? This article will inform its readers about a Worldwide topic.

Vampires are a fascinating concept. We all love to play antique games that are based on real life concepts. In the digital world, vampires can be both frightening and thrilling. This article focuses mainly on the Vampire Survivors Pentagram.

Functions in Pentagram

This weapon is available in the game and can be used with Davain. The player can get Pentagram if they are able to remain single-character for at least 20 minutes.

A Pentagram makes a Ra Eyes symbol. It can make a sudden appearance and will vanish all enemies that are related to it. The player’s luck will determine how sudden the appearance is.

What is Vampire Survivors’ Molise?

There are many bonus levels in the vampire Survivors game. If players want to talk Molise, it is the first level that can be considered a bonus level.

To reach this stage, the player must make sure that the hyper-mode is unlocked in three places. Cracking this 15 minute portion of the game can lead to death.

Molise can also be found in southern Italy. Both have identical names, but they have completely different powers. Molise is able to upgrade the game.

What Happens to Vampire Survivors Pentagram When It Evolves?

The Pentagram weapon is available in the game. It can transform itself into an attractive and beautiful moon with an item called Crown passive in nature.

Pentagram isn’t a standard weapon in the game. However, it can be earned by players who already have four to five other great weapons.

It can be found in the game’s menu, or in the chest treasure section.


  • Name- Pentagram.
  • Type- Casual,
  • Evolution-The Crown
  • Number of levels- Eighteen Six
  • Sixty is a rare game.
  • Vampire Survivors Molise- A bonus stage.
  • Damages are not available
  • The number of the game – 1.
  • Timing of Levels – 90 Seconds
  • The game’s effects are mainly cool down and luck.

At what Levels can a player conquer weapon?

There are eight levels to the game. Players can also conquer Pentagram weapons at their last levels. This means that the eight-level level is reserved for Pentagram.


All the data available on the internet has been analyzed and it is clear that Vampire Survivors remains an excellent game. Vampire Survivors Pentagram is the most in-demand weapon of this game. This weapon is unique and attracts a different fan base.

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