This news contains complete information regarding the killing of more than 1,000,000 army personnel and Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army. Check out the following information to learn all facts.

Are you aware of the reasons why Russia is trying to negotiate with Ukraine the crease fire? Do you know the safe evacuation route that civilians use to flee to other countries, or are you astonished at the security? You are on the right page if you answered yes! For more information, please read the following.

Concerned by the news about the death in Kharkiv of the Russian General, people from Canada andthe United Kingdomare concerned. The changing constitutions of Russia and Ukraine have given rise to independent states. Recent news about March 7th, the complicated battle consequences for General Gerasimov who was killed in battle.

Our experts provide specific information about the Chechen War and Russian Operations for Vitaly Georasimov Russian Army.

The Russian war

On February 24, 2022, the Russian war against Ukraine began again. Russia attempted to settle down for more destructive attacks after invading Ukraine using different tactics and a powerful military. According to the most recent update, the destruction of a specific Russian office in Ukraine’s defense ministry during the Chechen War led to the death.

The top-ranking Russian general and major of the army Vitaly Gerasimov was killed in the bombardment of the city. This was not the only scenario. Many other Russian Army officers and their crew were also killed or wounded to protect Ukraine’s identity.

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Issues and Threats to Ukraine

  • The military of Ukraine isn’t strong enough to cause a communication problem with Russia’s Army.
  • The Russian officers are pursuing Ukraine for their next attack, as it has an unsecured phone network.
  • The Russian military is launching its forces with the highest-ranking military after the news that the Ukrainian officers were killed.
  • Many civilian buildings are being attacked by the numerous attacks on the border to cover the Sadar in Ukraine.
  • Russia threatens to shut down kindergartens and maternity hospitals.
  • Russia strikes at night, disrupting the heating supply and attacking Central Ukraine’s military facilities.
  • Water facilities in buildings destroyed for Vitaly Georasimov Russian Armydeath

Directions for Russia to Advance In Ukraine

  • Russia has innumerable opportunities to invade Ukraine from all angles.
  • The military is trying to shift the presence in Kyiv by covering up Sumy.
  • The military power to move towards Luhansk is now under Kharkiv’s complete control
  • The military presence moves over 1000 miles from Luhansk to the outskirts.
  • Russia is trying to reach Donetsk from Mariupol.
  • Statement from Melitopol: The military strength to be present in Dnipro step-by-step and walking through The Dnieper River.

How Vitaly Georasimov Russian Army Killed

According to research and reports, the general participated in the east-in-Ukraine City war. The battle that led to defeat of the defense chief and other Russian officials saw him. He had served the Russian Federation for 27 years.


Our experts conclude this news by stating the latest defeat of Russian generals, and other military men, with a recent dispute with Ukraine. Controlling the State with Europe in the different Military Systems used to defeat Ukraine!

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Have you heard of the FSB intercepting calls to investigate second top Vitaly Georasimov Russian Armydeath