It is a well-known fact that traveling with cash is unsafe and inconvenient. Fortunately, today all your savings can fit on a small plastic card, or even more – on its digital counterpart, which the hands of intruders will definitely not get to. But what are the best bank cards for travel? Experts from the WestStein financial institution, who have been helping consumers rationalize costs and receive payments on favorable terms, will help us understand this topic today. It should be noted that they offer a tool that is unique in its functionality. The WestStein Prepaid Card is a great travel solution, as well as an indispensable assistant for online shopping and receiving various payments.

We emphasize that literally every consumer can order a Mastercard prepaid card, because for this you do not need to collect an extensive package of documentation and go with it to a physical branch. The whole procedure is carried out quickly in digital mode – a minimum of paperwork for service employees and customers. A reliable online account is available immediately after registration and verification on our official website.

The WestStein Travel Card: Why is it good for the tour?

Modern banks offer a large number of cards: credit, debit, hybrid with an overdraft part, so why should you choose WestStein prepaid? It is possible to issue a virtual card from our service completely free of charge and in a very short period of time. This instrument is not tied to the main bank account, which guarantees 100% confidentiality of the holder’s data.

In turn, a free online account is not without the advantages of banking products. With it, it is easy to make purchases in real stores and online boutiques, pay at hotels, restaurants, cafes, pay for railway and air tickets and other services, as well as make money transfers. In addition, it is possible to cash out money from ATMs in the required currency from the card on favorable terms.

The account is perfectly protected from real and cyber fraudsters, so if the holder adheres to all the rules for safe use, then the risk of illegal debiting of funds from his card is minimal.

Travel with us safely and comfortably.