Only children under the age of two are eligible for birth registration. If the child is older than 2 years, submit a NICOP application.   Please be aware that if your newborn baby was born outside of Pakistan, the Passport number is a necessary requirement while applying for a NICOP of newborn through our Apply for NADRA Card Renewal website. In order to save you time and money and to make sure that your Identity cards get to the UK as quickly as possible, we provide National Identity Card online services. Using our services will allow you to get a National Identity Card extremely quickly. Thus, NADRA Card Center is the website to visit if you’re looking for one with an easy application process. By contacting us you do no need to get worried our experts will handle your document process.


  • 2 Current Photographs of the child
  • An original birth certificate and a passport photocopy.
  • Proof of father’s Pakistani nationality (NICOP or Passport) attach a photocopy
  • Parent Consent Form needs to be submitted along with the application

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While Applying Keep in Mind:

  • No other dates should be put on the form; the DOB should be written in the format DD-MM-YYYY.
  • The baby’s name and the names of his or her guardians are included in an extract from the Population Register in English. 
  • Both parents’ NICOP/CNICs (Original+ Photocopy) The case will be closed if the parents’ original IDs are not submitted.
  • Passports for both parents (photocopies only), plus copies of the other passports if mom and dad have other nationalities.
  • The mother’s NICOP/CNIC must have the husband’s name on it. A copy of the marriage certificate must be produced if this is not the case.
  • An affidavit confirming “No Objection” to the registration of the kid as a native Pakistani in the case of a foreign mother or father. 
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan must certify the marriage certificate. The marriage certificate must be verified if it was produced in Sweden. by the Swedish