Bundles are sweet when it comes to the amount of money they help you save. I was surprised to learn about the subscription charges ask to pay at the Spectrum billing when I bundled their 3 services together!

Honestly, when you bundle TV, internet, and phone together, the price seems too good to be true. But is bundling for everyone? Should you go for it because it lowers the monthly bill? To make the right, you must check out the pros and cons of bundling. Read on to explore them.

A Quick Overview of Bundling

Bundling refers to combining a package of 2, or more services from one provider or sometimes two different providers. Internet, TV, phone, mobile service, and in some cases, home security can all be bundled into a single deal.

As per the Deloitte survey, 56 percent of Americans kept their pay-TV subscriptions because they were able to bundle them and save money. A double-bundle often includes TV and internet, whereas a triple bundle includes a home phone in addition to TV and Internet. Some companies offer quad bundles, which include internet, television, home phone, and cellular services into one monthly payment.

Pros of Bundling TV, Internet & Phone

One Stop-Shop Destination

You are getting everything you need from one provider. This means you will have one monthly bill and one customer support department to contact whenever you need help.

Great Value for Money

Not just your monthly bill will reduce, but you will get the best value for money. The providers when bundling their services take extra care to provide more value. There are good chances you would be getting faster download speed and more channels than what’s normally included in the basic plan.

Promotional Offers

You could get lucky and get promotional offers on your bundle such as free installation, premium channels, or waived fees. Providers continue to introduce promotional offers like these to make their bundles more attractive.  

Cons of Bundling TV, Internet & Phone

Unwanted Contracts

Most of the time, there is a catch associated with bundles in the form of a contract. The provider ties you down into a contract 1-year contract or more and canceling your bundle would mean paying an early termination fee.

Price Spikes

Another major drawback of bundles is the spike price. The price for the introductory period (which is one year) is always low. Once that period is over, you will be billed at the standard price, which is going to be higher.  Take this into account before subscribing to a bundle just because you find it affordable.

When Should You Bundle These Services?

Bundles for those who don’t want to buy a higher monthly bill every month and want the best services at the same time.

Families or individuals who enjoy premium channels such as HBO should consider purchasing a bundle to benefit from faster downloads, more channel options, and premium channels as a bonus add-on.

Tips on Choosing the Right Bundle

Have you decided to bundle your TV, internet, and phone services? Great, just to be sure you purchase the right bundle, consider these tips:

Compare the Options

Almost every other telecom company is offering bundles. This can confuse and overwhelm a buyer. But a good thing is that you have several options and the opportunity to compare what each provider is offering. Compare the prices and features and then settle for the provider that’s bringing you the best value for money.

Learn More about the Prices after the Promotion Period

We have learned that prices rise when the promotion or introductory period is over. It’s good to learn how much more would be paying to set the right expectations.

Learn about any other charges you are likely to pay in the future to do a better cost-benefit analysis.

Check If You Can Customize

Some providers allow customers to create their own bundles. This means instead of choosing from the readymade bundles, you get to define the internet speed, TV channels, and phone package. Not many providers are offering this feature and those who are might be charging extra.

Settle For Exceptional Customer Support

Don’t compromise on this. Let’s say you want to change your bundle, move to a new location, terminate the contract, or need technical or general support. If the customer support is not reliable and they aren’t willing to compensate their customers whatsoever, you will always be disappointed. Why do business with them if they don’t care about their customers, right?


Bundles are great. In fact, many consumers haven’t cut their cords because of bundles. They do have a few flaws but they aren’t a deal-breaker.  As long as you have done your research and chosen the right bundle, you will be happy with your purchase.