The high blood pressure or hypertension , is a disease that can occur in patients of all ages. Although it currently has more cases diagnosed in patients older than 65 years. This is caused by the increase in blood pressure as it passes through the arteries , altering our health and well-being .

The heart is continuously beating inside us, and this pumps blood uninterruptedly towards the arteries to nourish the whole body.

When the heart beats faster and with more force, it is when blood pressure tends to rise. This can happen especially in situations such as when we have just woken up, after having done physical exercise or in a stressful situation.

heart diseases are the diseases most dangerous and deadliest in the world. Therefore, we must try to follow healthy and natural routines that help us avoid them.

The best thing is to have a continuous control of the blood pressure so that we have an idea of ​​the normal parameters that our body experiences. Since each person can have different levels of normality.

Hipertensión vitamina DHypertension

Hence the importance of measuring blood pressure on a regular basis. Since even if we do not suffer any symptoms, we will know when an alteration occurs that is important to highlight.

Today, there are many devices that can help you control blood pressure levels in your arteries in a very simple way. Something that, if no symptoms appear to warn you, can be crucial to slow the progression of the disease.

These preventive routines are not going to permanently paralyze the symptoms of hypertension in your body. But an adequate control, seen by a specialist doctor to help you understand what is within your normality, is very effective if we do not want the problem to reach adults.

How can hypertension be prevented?

One of the most appropriate ways to slow down the progression of this disease , is by controlling our bloodstream by measuring it at least once a week.

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