This account contains What You Want? Wordle information regarding the most recent answer to Heardle, the musical spinoff of the popular word-game.

Are you a fan of online musical games? Are you familiar with the popular challenge game? You might be curious to know the latest solution to this puzzle. Continue reading for more information.

This report will discuss the latest answer to the Internet-based music-based guessing game. People Worldwide would like to learn more about that song. Please read What You Want? Wordle.

What I want you to get in Wordle Version

John Oates and Daryl Hall are the song’s singers in What I Want You Got. Tom Cardy’s TikTok posting made the song viral. Heardle, the musical Wordle version, selected this song as the song to guess on April 3, 2022.

The intro music was played and players tried to guess the song. Despite the viral popularity of the song, gamers didn’t know who the original creators were. Users began to search for What You Want You Got Wordle in their browsers.

The game’s original name was Heardle. However, people have searched for it by typing Wordle. Wordle is the parent of all versions such as Heardle and Nerdle. Worldwide gamers can search the lyrics of this game alongside Wordle to find accurate information.

What is Heardle?

Heardle is a musical version of Wordle, the word-guessing game. Heardle is a game where gamers have to guess a song each day that the system randomly chooses. Users must first correctly guess the song six times. Next, users must choose the song from a list of preloaded songs.

What I Want? You Got Wordle Based On Meme

Heardle number 37, 3 April 2022, was answered by a meme song. This meme song, What I Want You Got was viralized by a TikTok user. The problem was that gamers didn’t know the singers and were therefore unable to choose the correct answer from this dropdown.

Heardle’s team used another meme song to fool gamers. The portal directed users to Never Gonna Give Up by Rick Astley on April Fool’s Day to rickroll gamers. Rickrolling is playing pranks.

Heardle needs to know the origin artists of every song in order to give the correct answer. To find the real singers, gamers searched What You Want You Got Wordle.

What I Want You To Have

John Oates and Daryl Hall are the pop icons who sang the song. This song’s actual title is You Make My Dreams. This song was released by the duo in 1981 on their album Voices. This number reached the fifth spot on the Billboard charts in 1981. This number was featured in many comic-related movies and TV shows over the years.


The meme that went viral recently made this song popular. People knew the song by another name, though it was also known as the TikTok version. Many Heardle players wanted What You Want You Got to keep their winning streak. Want to learn more about this song? To increase your musical knowledge, please refer I Make My Dreams.