Data accessibility is critical, and a 10% increase in how much data a brand can access can result in more revenue, especially for a typical Fortune 1000 enterprise.

Aside from this, brands also need to be present on several social media platforms to reach a wider audience and increase profitability.

Both of these are critical operations requiring the best tools. These tools help to make the activities safer and easier.

And one major tool used for both tasks is proxy server. Proxies mediate communications between users and the web.

They are used to conceal internet protocol (IP) addresses and locations of the user while routing traffic through public servers.

In most cases, companies have to use more than one proxy for their various activities. Managing all the different proxies can often be a formidable challenge for the user.

This is where proxy extensions such as the Chrome proxy extension become abundantly useful, and in this article, we will describe what they are and how to use this tool.

What is a Chrome Proxy Extension?

A Chrome proxy extension can be defined as a free extension that can be downloaded for free and installed on the Chrome browser to allow users to manage and run an unlimited number of proxy services all through the click of a button. If you are looking for a high-quality Chrome proxy extension, visit website.  

The extension is usually integrated into the browser for easy and smooth operations. The user interface is simple, and anyone who has ever accessed the internet through the Chrome browser should have no trouble working with this extension.

There is no limit to the number of proxies that can be added once the extension has been installed.

But more importantly, the service is free and comes at no extra cost. This means you can run all your proxies from a single place and do all that for free.

You can begin to appreciate the importance of this program when you consider how hard it is to switch proxies manually and how easy it is to get blocked when you use the wrong proxy or IP for the wrong website or platform.

Why You Should Use a Chrome Proxy Extension

Using the Chrome proxy extension confers several benefits on you, and below are some very common reasons you should consider using this tool.

  1. Improved Anonymity

Running through the internet without a proxy is like a battlefield with your back exposed.

Not only will online criminals steal your sensitive data and use that to perpetuate all kinds of crimes later, but ad networks can identify you and target you with enough ads to cause internet harassment.

Using multiple proxies helps to keep you safe and anonymous, and running all the proxies from one place is one of the smartest things to do.

  1. Cost-Efficiency

Another good reason you should use the Chrome proxy extension is that the service is completely free. Regardless of whether you want to download and install the services on multiple devices or you want to add multiple proxy services, the tool is free to download and use.

It also does not select the type of proxy or program to work with as it is compatible with all proxies, programs, protocols, or servers.

  1. Better Security

The days of carelessly roaming the internet are just about over, and the security of both users and their data is not considered a priority.

Staying safe online now has to do with using different proxies, and the Chrome proxy extension provides you with an easy way to gather different proxies in one place and keep yourself safe.

How to Use This Proxy Extension

Instead of always enabling each proxy on your device manually each time you want to begin a different operation or different session, you can use the Chrome extension to manage and switch proxies quickly.

There are three different ways to use the extension; via system settings, via command-line flags, or by using the software.

Using System Settings

To set up the program on the browser using the system settings is simple and straightforward. The process is as described below:

  • Open the Chrome browser and go to “Settings” located on the toolbar
  • Open the “Settings” and then type in “proxy” in the search bar
  • This will open up all the proxies available on your computer, and you can enter their information one after the other to add the proxies
  • Alternatively, you can use the “Advanced” sub-menu if the search bar does not bring out the right results
  • To add a proxy, turn the “Use a Proxy Server” toggle on and enter the remaining information before clicking “Save” to finish
  • Repeat the above step for all the proxies you want to add

Using Command-Line Flags

These are specific codes that can be used to initiate or end program options, and you can use them to add proxies to the Chrome browser on your device rather than manually switching from one proxy to the other.

  • Go to the Windows on your computer and locate “Properties”, then open it
  • Inside the Properties, find “Chrome”, then click on “Quit”
  • Next, right-click on the Chrome shortcut to select options
  • Find the Target window and append it to include the proxy you want
  • Finally, click on “OK” to finish

Using Software

There are few software, also known as proxy managers, that can be used to automatically add proxies to the Chrome extension to make it easy to control these proxies.

One such software is called FoxyProxy and is popular for adding numerous proxy configurations to the Chrome program.

  • Open the Chrome browser and search for any proxy extension of your choice, then download and install
  • Next, locate the extension icon among the Chrome toolbar and click on it to open
  • Once it opens, scroll down to “Options” and click to open
  • Inside the options menu, go to “Add New Proxy” to create a new configuration for each proxy you have on your device
  • Next, open “Proxy Details2 and turn on the “Manual Proxy Configuration” to allow you to enter the necessary details
  • Once you have entered all details, click “Save” to finish
  • Repeat the above step for all the proxies you intend to add


Proxies are the tools that help brands get the data they need while managing their social media pages. They also help keep you safe in the world of so many cyber-attacks.

Managing the proxies you work with shouldn’t be too difficult, and we have provided you with all the information you need to use the Chrome proxy extension for proxy management properly.