As long as there is a slight difference in the shade, it will bring a very different atmosphere to the nail. Therefore, those who are particular about the color are recommended to start with the over-the-counter brand, and because the over-the-counter acrylic dip glitter powder has better-staying power, it will not lose color for a long time even if the base or glossy nail polish is omitted. As for open-shelf products, they have the advantage of being affordable and are suitable for people who want to buy all the colors at once, but don’t forget to include the base coat and nail polish together to ensure perfection and longevity of the nail color.

The quick-drying style is convenient and efficient.

GalGlitter Acrylic dip glitter powder is highly volatile, so you don’t have to wait for a long time after applying color; some products can even dry and set in just 45-60 seconds. However, the highly volatile formula may make the finger paint itself become sticky, cloudy, and not well coated; it is worth adding a little acrylic dip glitter powder dilution that can help acrylic dip glitter powder restore the original watery texture.

Popular acrylic dip glitter powder recommendation

For those who are addicted to fingering paint

NAIL HOLIC is developed by the Japanese makeup group KOSE for nail art lovers, with nearly two hundred dazzling types and colors, whether it is a solid color basic with dense color ingredients, or want to play with the advanced sequins or even metallic shine, you can find a favorite style in it.

In addition to the affordable price, the 5mL light volume is also less likely to cause dryness due to lack of use, especially for those who are sensitive to seasons or trends, which is a very thoughtful design.

For readers who like to galglitter Acrylic dip glitter powder, the Japanese brand NAIL HOLIC is highly recommended, and Poa has a whole large counter to choose from, with a wide range of

colors, from the nude colors loved by office workers to a variety of different color shades. In addition to the affordable price, the small package format can also meet the readers who like to change colors; plus, the acrylic dip glitter powder texture is easy to apply, and the brush head is easy to operate, so it is quite worth using.

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, not easy to hurt your hands

The main focus is to replace chemical solvents with more than half water as the base, so less unpleasant acrylic dip glitter powder smell and is especially suitable for children or pregnant women to use. What’s more, if you want to remove it, rub it with warm water, so you don’t have to worry about the damage to the nail surface, and you can easily enjoy the fun of changing colors every day!

There are many French colors in the same series; for example, this pearl emerald green is highly recommended for people with blue skin or for darker wheat skin to brighten up their skin tone and give their fingertips a bright, confident, and unique beauty. However, it is easy to remove and does not contain chemical properties; relatively also makes the longevity not as good as the general Acrylic dip glitter powder, for people with busy lives have to reapply color often inevitably some trouble.

Fingertip maintenance and beauty in one go

The acrylic dip glitter powder launched by Innisfree, which was nurtured in the natural environment of Jeju Island, is well supported by the cheap people because of its affordable price and saturated colors. The nail polish base in the product can extend the longevity of the finger paint, and also add citrus oil, argan oil, and calcium ingredients for moisturizing and repairing damaged skin are beneficial. The orange fragrance is not at all pungent.

The brown, gray, green, and other earthy colors are very compatible with the mature style of dressing and basically not picky skin tone; everyone can manage a single layer with a soft sense of transparency; after stacking rub, two layers can completely hide the nail surface, it is very suitable to have a few more colors to try to jump color.

A creamy texture that brings healthy blood color

When it comes to high CP value open-frame finger paints, CANMAKE from Japan is definitely on the list; not only is it affordable, but there are all kinds of styles such as intense, tulle, translucent, shell, and sequins, and there are even a lot of colors similar to counter brands to choose from; and in recent years, it has also taken advantage of the “pseudo-skin” trend and launched three jelly-like foundation colors.