The following article provides insights into the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as the reasons why Ukraine be a part of NATO.

Are you aware of the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia? Are you aware of the reasons of this war? Are you aware of the role played by NATO on this issue? If not you should read the information that follow.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started in the month of February in 2022. The primary reason for the conflict was the war that erupted between Russia as well as Ukraine over Ukraine becoming a member of NATO. However, many people across the globe remain unsure, Why Cant Ukraine join NATO even when Ukraine is sovereign nation with the ability to decide on its own. To find the answer, let’s follow through in detail.

What’s Happening Right Now?

According to reports, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine would not be joining NATO just 20 days after the conflict. He emphasized that Ukrainians are not required to sign up to NATO and instead rely on their own those who support them. He also asked for a guarantee of security from NATO allies to ward off future Russian attack.

All of this has raised the following question: What is the reason why Ukraine join NATO If they want their security to be secure against Russia in the near future. To find out the answer it is necessary to understand the ongoing conflict.

What is the Conflict With Russia with Ukraine?

  • Ukraine started applying the application for NATO membership in the year 2008 when it applied for NATO membership. However, the proposal was abandoned after the presidential election in 2010, in which the new the president Viktor Yanukovych dropped the idea and the country remained non-aligned.
  • In 2013, however tensions increased among Russia as well as Ukraine over a deal for trade between Ukraine and the European Union.
  • In 2014 Russia added Crimea on the basis of protecting Russian-speaking citizens in the region.
  • In addition, there were protests in the Donetsk as well as Luhansk regions, which were supported by Russia.
  • There was an Minsk agreement to end the war in the region between Russia and Ukraine that was repeatedly broken.
  • The increasing demand from Ukrainian to be a part of NATO.

Why can’t Ukraine Join NATO? NATO

  • Moscow considers the increasing backing for Ukraine from NATO in terms of weapons as well as training and personnel as an attack on the security of its own.
  • NATO members are keen to avoid direct conflicts with Russia.
  • The complex eligibility requirements to become an NATO member. The criteria for becoming a NATO member are listed below:
  • Fair treatment for minority groups
  • A functioning democratic system of government that is based on market economics
  • The capacity and willingness contribute militarily to NATO operations
  • A commitment to peaceful resolution of disputes
  • A commitment to civil-military relations that are democratic and institutions.

Effects of Ukraine not joining NATO.

Many are still skeptical of the reasons why Ukraine join NATO because they are aware of the implications that a non-membership could have on Ukraine could be:

Positive Effects

  • The prevention of a possible world war 3
  • The resolution of the current conflict

Negative Effects

  • A complete Russian invading Ukraine might be likely.
  • The lack of trust within NATO members is related to security issues.
  • Security threats to Ukraine from the possibility of Russian attacks.

the Final Verdict

At present in the present, the Ukrainian president could have said the right thing to calm down the conflict in Ukrainian territory. But from a longer-term viewpoint we’re determining that, if Ukraine can be considered a sovereign nation that it is not a reason why Ukraine be a member of NATO. Furthermore, NATO has to ensure peace and security throughout Europe. Also, you can look up the NATO-Ukraine relationship relationsfor additional understanding.

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