Are you curious to learn more information about the footage of an Russian army soldier who is trying to get into the store’s door? If so, you should read this article which explains all relevant information associated with this particular topic.

Social media users around the worldare discussing a viral clip concerning a failed shop break-in attempt carried out by an unidentified Russian army soldier from Ukraine. Because the Russian invasion of Ukraine is among the most talked about topics the video was viewed by millions within a short time. Read on the Wiki Battle of Techno House.

More Battle of Techno house

A few times, a video of an Russian soldier firing at the door of a shop was recently posted across different websites for social networking. The video gained traction following the time YWN journalist Moshe Schwartz tweeted featuring the video and the caption “Russian soldier against. the door”.

“Russian soldier against. Door” tweet was a hit and was viewed by at more than 1.9 million people. Additionally, the tweet also garnered 40K + comments, 10.3 K retweets and 2,297 quote tweets in a day. The tweet later became popular on various social platforms too. Discover more all about Battle of Techno House Ukraine.

Viral Twitter The Story Behind Battle of Techno house

  • Yeshiva World News reporter Moshe Schwartz’s tweet gained traction after he shared the tweet in a the video on March 2, 2022.
  • The video’s location was listed to be Kherson, Ukraine.
  • The video was shot on an iPhone by an individual who lives in the building opposite Techno House. Techno House, where the incident occurred.
  • The video was a brief duration that was 64 second.
  • Moshe Schwartz tweeted later the exact address that is his Techno House.
  • The specifics of the person who recorded the video has not been disclosed yet.

Wiki Battle of Techno House

  • The video shows numerous attempts by Russian soldiers to open the door of the Techno House. Techno House.
  • The soldier is able to shoot at the door’s handle several times. If the attempt fails then he attempts at breaking through the glass and it also results in an failure.
  • After several times of trying guns and his hands He leaves the scene in a state of frustration and dismay.
  • Someone had created an Wikipedia page about this video, which was taken down afterward.
  • The Wikipedia article mentioned the hilarious confrontation between the doorman with the Russian soldier.

People’s Reaction

  • It was the Wiki Battle of Techno House was shared on different memes and humorous Trolls.
  • Many people on the various social media platforms have commented on how the doors won over soldiers.
  • The strength of the door was praised because it can withstand the attack of a gun.
  • Many funny videos were shared with various background songs.


It is no secret that the Russian attack on Ukrainian soil and related actions are regularly debated and debated on the internet. Videos related to Russian successes and defeats are widely shared on social networks.