This article provides information regarding The winged Insignia Sword as well as the way you can get it through game Elden Ring game.

Elden Ring is becoming famous all over the world for its extensive map and the accessories players need to purchase while engaging in this game. Are you among the people who are interested in knowing more about the game and the accessories it comes with?

Winged Sword is one of the primary tools in the game. Therefore, you should be aware of the sword and the ways to acquire and utilize it to gain an advantage over your opponents. We’ll begin our discussion on this sword. winged insignia Swordin the following article.

Where can you locate this Winged Sword?

The Winged Sword is available in the water depths of the Still-water Cave within Liurnia lakes. It is accessible by traveling across the Northwest region around Stormveil Castle. If you’re engaged in an Elden Ring game, you are able to reach the sword on horseback or by foot.

As you move from the castle, you’ll get to the castle’s cliffs. Here there is The Still Water Cave. You must go down carefully into the cave in order to attain the Rotten Winged Sword.

As you travel through the cave, you’ll encounter certain dangers and even enemies. They may use poison on your body, but you can minimize the impact of it by employing suitable techniques. In addition, you need to get to the bottom of the cave, and there you’ll find the king of speed and precision The Clean Rot Knight.

It is your responsibility to beat this knight. You will be awarded the Winged sword Insignia for a reward. It will be taken away from this knight after you defeat it. However, you should be aware that defeating this may be not an easy task and you must to be able to do it under every circumstance.

What will the Rotten Winged Sword assist you in the game?

The sword can assist you increase your power during the game. It can assist in increasing the strength of repeated attacks. Each successive attack will be more powerful than the preceding ones and will cause more serious wounds.

It is a good choice for who wish to possess the force and impact on their opponents rather than having minor effects. Therefore, Winged Swords help players to make quick attacks and triumph over their opponents during the game.

Important points in the Winged Insignia Sword

Many people across the globe are seeking out the use of this weapon. They have multiple levels of attack that increase your strength. However, if you don’t attack accordingly the tiers decrease in lower level. The sword’s effects increase or is activated after three consecutive attacks.

There are a variety of power levels like the First-tier Winged Sword, which have the power of 3% in an attack, while the second comes with 88% strength, while the third 10% power, and the fourth has 14 percent power. Furthermore you can find out more information about the gameat this page. .


Winged Insignia Swordis an essential weapon that can assist you to improve your performance in games. It will significantly increase the effectiveness of your attacks when you are able to attack continuously against your opponent.

It is located inside The Still Water caves and grab the chance to attack the foe. What is your favorite accessory? It is possible to share your thoughts in the comment box below.