Wordle New York Times app is the most frequently asked question among people. All your questions will be addressed.

Do you plan to continue playing Wordle? Is this a game you find easy to play? Wordle has been around for 290 days now. It seems like yesterday that everyone used to post yellow and green combinations in their social media posts.

Is there an app that allows you to play the game? People all over the world love this simple word game. This post will address some of your questions. Let’s get started with Wordle New York Times app.

Does Wordle have an app?

Wordle is a simple but popular game that has been downloaded millions of times. Josh Wardle, who created the game, originally made it for fun. The New York Times bought the game after it became a huge success. Although the game is readily accessible online, many people wonder whether they can also play it via the app.

Let us remind you that after Wordle joins the NYT, the existing link is www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/redirects to the NYT version www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/. You can play Wordle in NYT’s app’s games section. However, it is not Wordle New York Times Application. It isn’t a Wordle app. You can only access Wordle through the New York Times App. There is one catch. You will need to subscribe in order to access any game. Wordle is different. Wordle is free to download.

How do I install Wordle?

Wordle does not have an app. There is an alternative. Wordle can be saved as an app and you can access it from any device. Follow these steps to access Wordle New York Times app. These steps are how to follow:

  • On your phone, open the web browser and go to the website, i.e., www.nytimes.com/games/wordle.
  • You will see a share button on the browser. Click that to open it.
  • A popup will appear with several options. You need to search for “Add to Your Home Screen” and tap it.
  • Once you have added the Wordle icon to your home screen, it will appear on your home screen. You can tap daily to play Wordle.

Tips to win the game:

  • Start with characters that are not repeated.
  • Include as many vowels possible
  • Don’t waste your time by adding grey letters to your guess words.
  • Keep Yellow in your thoughts.

About Wordle New York Times App

The Wordle game was brought to you by the New York Times App. Wordle is a game where you have to find words every day and guess five letters. After Wordle’s popularity, several clones were created with different themes and similar themes. Wordle’s popularity is not lost.


There are many confusions among people about the Wordle app. We have covered it all. You can read more information about Wordle gameplay here.

What do you think about Wordle New York Times app? If you would like an app, please let us know in the comments section.