Xbox Resolver is software through which you can submit your Gamertag. You will receive the IP number. For the Xbox world the Gamertag is your alter-ego. It is made of Alias or an alternative picture or avatar (which is also referred to a gamerpic) it displays some data to portray you while you play, and in sharing your gaming experience with others within the fantastic Xbox community.

Xbox Gamertag IP Puller

The Xbox Gamertag IP puller an identifier that is assigned to a device which connects to a computer that utilizes a protocol to facilitate communication. The principal purpose that an IP addresses serves is to provide location the address.

In Xbox If you wish to locate your IP address Follow these steps.

Navigate to settings and select the network. Next, click on network settings and choose advanced settings. On Advanced settings, choose IP Settings. This will allow you to see an IP address associated with your Xbox.Xbox Resolver

Are you looking for the most effective Xbox Resolver

If you’re searching for the Xbox Resolver, then which one should you choose?


XResolver is your best option. It is as simple as submitting an Xbox Gamertag and be provided with the IP number. It is also the most up-to-date Xbox Game Tag Solver.

There is no possibility of reverse listing. Some attempt to sell, but this is not entirely possible because the IP Address history is available. These are scammers.

This software allows you to record the IP address of any game you’d like to have that includes P2P Connection. Additionally, it has web-based tools available on their website to ensure that you can obtain any IP address from party chats which are accessible through Xbox One.

OctoSniff is a Microsoft Windows application that can detect the IP address of any game with P2P. It works with all consoles , and even devices connected via the web.

Xbox One Chat Decryption allows you to record the IP address of any company without being involved. This is made possible via web-based tools that work on all devices that are connected.

With the aid by Xbox One Non-Host Kick, you can eliminate whole events or even eliminate people without being the host. It is, in fact, an internet-based program and can be used on any device.

It is true that Xbox One based web tools require you to buy points through JustGaming. After you’ve earned points, you can buy and gain access to online-based tools via their official website.

If you are a user of one of the websites, it means you have accessibility to private solvers.

Another option is Its concept has been currently in the works since the past two years. They now offer services with a wealth of additional details. The site will continue to grow and get better as time goes by. There are several bugs, and at times servers fail to ensure that the service runs smoothly. The software is compatible with any device like phones tablet, laptop, PC and it will run on any web browser to help you achieve your goal.

The best thing about this program is that it backlists is actually feasible. You can reach the owner of the website through Discord. You can also request any payment method you’d like, as provided you keep it simple. The cost for each gamertag will be $15. When you buy backlisting you’re no longer in a position to solve it via the website.

The site is completely free to use, and there aren’t any ads. This means you can have a 100% free advertising experience when using this site. You are able to search for the Xbox Gamertag and you will receive the IP address, and that’s the way we’d like it, isn’t it? On the site you’ll have to complete a tiny captcha in order to prove that you’re a real person and not bots.

The most effective Xbox Resolver

The Xresolver has been used by numerous people throughout the years with the hassle and without complaints. We also see that they have made important changes and adjustments to the application to provide more precise results. It is the only tool that appears to work perfectly without issues or bugs.

frequently requested queries (FAQ)

How do I locate the username of my Xbox Username?

Simply sign up, and then on the left side you will see your username.

How do I find the the IP address of the console?

Make use of the tools listed above.

How do you modify your username?

You can go to the profile settings on your console, from where you can change your name.

Can you change Xbox gamertag?

You can indeed change your Xbox Gamertag.

What is public IP?

Just look for an IP checker.