Are you familiar with Yisoner? Are you familiar with scams? This article will help you find out if you have. A fake message was sent to many Nigeria phone numbers. There have been several complaints about the text message. We will be discussing every detail about this website as well as the text messages in the Yisoner Scam Article.

You will find all the answers at the end of this article. Continue reading the article.


Is Yisoner legitimate or not?

We have discovered one thing after analyzing Yisoner’s reviews and details. Many people are getting fake messages. has only five reviews. The same five reviews were written. They all commented on the same thing: they received a text message with a link and a password from an unknown number. They found via this text message.

Some users shared that they received a similar text message and asked the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for legal action. If you get similar messages, we recommend that you take the same steps.

What is Yisoner ?

We couldn’t find any information about this website. This website is still new. We did our best to find information about the website. These are the results.

  1.’s domain name was created just twenty-five minutes ago.
  2. This website is not HTTPS-protected.
  3. This website ranks 10,126,443 in Alexa traffic amongst the millions of websites.

Yisoner Scam:

After reviewing all information regarding this website, can be confirmed as a fake site. Unsolicited messages containing a link to this site should be blocked immediately.

The Last Words:

Don’t fall for fake websites with no information on the Internet. Many websites are scammy like Yisoner Fraud.