The article will focus on the ongoing trial involving Jonny Depp as well as Amber Heard and also on the Yucca Valley Amber Heard House.

Are you familiar with Jonny Depp’s former wife Amber Heard? Recently, a trial is taking place in the courtroom between Amber Heard and Jonny Depp. Many of their followers have taking an active interest with the case throughout the United States.

In the news, something frequently comes up in public discussions. This happens to be The Yucca Valley Amber Heard House. In this post, we’re going to discuss the house.

What Do You Know About the House?

There are many luxury objects in the house. The house is part of “Amir Mian Prestige.” It covers 18 hectares. The house is located at an area that is situated on the “Pimpara River” and “Coomera” banks. The house is filled with luxurious things. It covers a 400 sqm space of Italian stone.

It is home to a huge tennis court and an enchanting marina. However, the house is under scrutiny due to reports of the actor Jonny Depp’s alleged assault on Amber Heard. Amber has been accused of throwing a bottle vodka at Jonny Deep inside the same home.

Amber Heard House

In a court case in the year 2000, Pirates of Caribbean fame actor Jonny Depp was accused of abusing Amber Heard that she threw the bottle in a deliberate way at him. At 58 actors, the court heard that the two had a hard discussion. Then, Amber went from there. However, later she returned and she threw the bottle of vodka as well as the glass towards Depp.

Following Jonny Depp’s claim that he was a victim, an investigation team was in the house to look for the evidence. In addition the lawyers for Jonny Depp have provided all evidence regarding the incident that took place in the house.

Yucca Valley Amber Heard House

This house has also been an important news item because of its extravagant nature as well as its cost. According to the current situation the cost of the house is close to 40 million dollars. The house is equipped with 10 washrooms as well as 10 bedrooms with king size beds.

The bathroom is fully equipped with modern amenities. This house also referred to for its nickname Diamond Head among the many admirers. The house is home to a Helipad with a home theatre that is king-sized as well as a spacious and comfortable bar and an elegant office lounge. The house also houses an ultra-modern gym as well as a table tennis area and the rooftop swimming pool. The whole thing is concerning Amber Heard House.

Why is the news trending

The house has been in the news due to a variety of reasons. In March of 2015 police were in the house and they smuggled the Pistol inside the home. The duo of Jonny Depp as well as Amber Heard visited Australia in the year 2015. The report of the house broke to the forefront of news about Yorkshire Gun. Yorkshire Gun.


In recent years, the home has become the center of attention for various reasons. For one, the ongoing battle of Jonny Depp and Amber Heard. Another reason is its high-priced price. Because of its fame the house is attracting a lot of people to learn more about Yucca Valley Amber Heard House.

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